Loyal readers know that we went to Yosemite back in April.  It’s been a crazy few months since then.  With a move and a wedding, there’s been precious little time to update the blog.  I had some time last weekend to sort through pictures from recent adventures.  They are slowly making their way online.

The Yosemite weekend was great.  It was my first time in Yosemite Valley, despite having lived three hours away for all these years.  We are truly spoiled to live so close to such a spectacular place.  I can see why photographers the world over trek there and go through way too many rolls of film.  We stayed in the Yosemite Lodge which is highly recommended.  The walls are thin, but the location can’t be beat.  You can see the tallest waterfall in North America from your doorstep (This is not an exaggeration).    We did our reququisite hiking (including an "advanced" hike that L’ lead me on to Sierra Point).   The weather was cool, but comfortable, and it was a needed break from a very unpleasant couple days. 

I took about 400 pictures over just a couple days.  Many of these were panoramas and multiple shots of similar subjects. I tried to whittle it down to just the highlights.  I’ve also made several of the panoramas and posted those online.  Links are below.



Yosemite Falls:


Yosemite Valley and Falls:


Sierra Point (the only place in Yosemite where you can see four waterfalls) 360 degree panorama: