February 2012

It had been awhile since we went away during a long weekend, so over the President’s Day long weekend we went down to Atascadero.  It’s only a few hours drive and it is in the middle of more Central Coast wineries.  We had a book about weekend trips in our area and one for this time of year was to visit Lake San Antonio to see a bald eagle nesting ground.  Unfortunately, this didn’t pan out and we didn’t see any bald eagles.  We did enjoy a couple afternoons of wine tasting and visits to a couple new missions.  Our continued lack of rain this winter made for nice outdoor activities.


Here are the photos:


With a  lack or rainy in the rainy season comes the advantage of good hiking weather.  Last weekend was an exceptionally clear one and we headed for the coast.   There is a newly opened trail, the Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail, that we visited.  It was most enjoyable and the coast is spectacular as it always is. 


Here are all the photos: