We took a weekend off from our wedding/house insanity to go to Yosemite and celebrate L”s birthday.  I had not been to Yosemite Valley and springtime is perfect for slightly reduced crowds and full waterfall action.  We did a couple hikes and I set a new record for photos- over 300 in two days (many of which are for panoramas, but still).  With so little free time between now and the wedding, this trip report will be short and I’ll only put a couple of the photo highlights.  Full album to come later


Inspiration point (Half Dome in the middle, El Capitan on the left, and Bridalveil falls on the right).

Inspiration Point.















Yosemite Falls (mainly the Upper Yosemite Falls, but you can see part of Lower Yosemite Falls):

Yosemite Falls