We’ve had lots of days with near record highs and sunny weather recently.  It’s a perfect time to call our relatives in the frigid northeast and enjoy ourselves outside.  We went back to Almaden Quicksilver Park in San Jose for a few hours.  Overly ambitious at the start, we had planned on a 6 mile loop.  That would have been possible except for the steep uphill climb at the beginning of the trail that lasted a good half an hour.  We still saw interesting remnants of the old mining days which was our main goal.  Photos from the hike are here:


While we are busy with wedding planning, house hunting, and moving preparations, we still squeeze in some entertainment.   Long on my list of quirky local museums to visit was the Pez Museum in Burlingame, CA.   L’ indulged me with a stop there before heading to her school’s production of Peter Pan.  Here I am with the world’s largest Pez Dispenser:

Me at the Pez Museum

And speaking of house hunting, we spotted something I always suspected while driving between possible future residences: that Deer Crossing signs really do work:

Deer Crossing