While we’ve done a little hiking in the last couple months, it has not been as frequent as earlier this year.  As some of you know, we’ve had other things going on (to be updated on this blog later).  I’ve got some other pictures in the queue, but for now here are some from a couple weeks ago. 


After a day of rain, Sunday cleared out for a beautiful day.  We took advantage and went hiking in around the Stevens Creek Reservoir.  It was pretty, but not spectacular.  The highlights are online:


Additionally, there is a great new panorama stitching program available from Microsoft.  While I’m normally not a fan of Microsoft programs, this one is great.  It’s called the Image Composite Editor, or ICE for short.  You can download ICE for free.  It is much better at making panoramas than even Photoshop Elements which is what I usually use.  It’s almost magical.   You just throw at it your pictures hit the button and presto, you’ve got a panorama.  Here’s one that I made from this hike.  Note, you’ll need to download a plugin to view it, if you haven’t already done so: