March 2008

Following some storms Friday night and a few clouds on Saturday, the weather turned beautiful for Sunday.  It was perfect hiking weather.  We the rains earlier in the weekend, it seemed like a good idea to try and see some waterfalls now that they should be refilled.  After some web research, we found that San Pedro Valley County Park, had a waterfall that was over 100 feet.  Not being too long a drive made our decision easier to head over there.  Arriving at the ranger station we asked about which trail had the waterfall.  We were given directions, but the disappointing news that the waterfall was at most a trickle since they didn’t get much rain this weekend.  We pressed on anyway and had some good views of the Pacific and the town below.  The breeze was cool off the water, but in the sun without the wind it was t-shirt weather.  Here are the photos:

(As with the last hikes, there’s a link on the main index page for the map overview). 


With the mild California winter on the wane, I was able to get in a hike the last two weekends.  A couple weekends ago I returned to Almaden Quicksilver Park.  On a very clear day, we could see all three of the Bay Area’s biggest cities- San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.  This was a long hike for me (6 miles, according to the gps), but was still an enjoyable day outside.

Last weekend, the parents were visiting and it was in the low 70s- great for early March.  We went for a hike in Santa Teresa County Park.    After misreading the map, we took a steeper trail than I had wanted to.  We all survived and enjoyed the good views.

Note there is now a link to a map showing the entire hike (found on the index pages). I’m still fine tuning the website presentation for this, so comments are welcome.  There are still map links from each photo page.

Photos from the hikes are here:

Almaden Quicksilver:

Santa Teresa: