April 2007

After a rainy day yesterday, today was another sunny day. I took some photos at a local garden in the East San Jose Foothills called Nola's Iris Garden. The full album can be found here:


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Another weekend shot.


One of the better shots from earlier this year.

Email blog updates can theoretically support images. 

Here's a cropped version of one I took over the weekend.

With some minor modifications to the site, blog by email is now
working. The blog should automatically update when I send a new post to it.

In an attempt at preparing for blog updates while on the road, I set up
a way for me to email in my new posts. This is a short message to test
if I’ve set things up properly.

The Mercury News had a story today that explains the police presence and motorcycles I observed yesterday.  There was some kind of biker Easter party that happens every year and that was at the same park I was heading to to shoot some photos.  People get themselves and their bikes blessed  Who knew bunnies and bikes went together?

I had not taken any photos in awhile and I took advantage of good weather and free time today to go do just that.  My first stop was the Rose Garden near downtown San Jose, but that didn't happen.  When I got near there, I started seeing lots of police and the road that I had directions to park on looked closed due to construction.  I navigated around some side streets to try and find a spot to park, but didn't have any luck.  As I made my second pass by the park, it didn't look as nice as I had hoped so I changed plans and head to Los Gatos.  I've shot around the Los Gatos Creek before, but not in a while and it's always a pretty walk.  I was having some camera issues with a few shots (camera autofocus wasn't working in shutter priority mode), but most of them came out.  Take a look at all the photos 


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