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santateresa4 * Birds of Prey event at the park.  Owl.  The owl is blind in one eye.  Two nice women from  the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center told us about birds of prey in the area and showed us a couple that are in their care. * 1000 x 1071 * (556KB)
santateresa12 * Falcon.  The WERC is located in Morgan Hill. * 694 x 1071 * (435KB)
santateresa22 * Perigrin Falcon. * 1071 x 790 * (487KB)
santateresa49 * After the Birds of Prey activity I took a quick walk around and shot a few photos. * 1071 x 624 * (745KB)
santateresa53 * Looking down on south San Jose. * 1071 x 714 * (817KB)
pano1 * Panorama from the start of the trail.  This covers a complete 360 degrees.
I need to learn how to remove the color gradients from the sky. 
Use the + and - keys to zoom in and out.  To scroll, click the panorama and drag the mouse in the direction you want to scroll * 1 x 1 * (12.54MB)
santateresa57 * Looking through the trees at the city below.  The park is located in  South San Jose. * 1071 x 714 * (877KB)
santateresa60 * Trail looking back at the parking lot. * 1071 x 714 * (920KB)
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