Koko Crater and Hanauma Bay

Koko Crater.  This is an old cinder cone. Koko Crater.  It really is this steep.  L' leading the way. Koko Crater.  We are hiking up to the peak of Koko Crater, an elevation of 1208 feet. Koko Crater.  The challenge of the hike is that it goes up in 7/10 of a mile. Koko Crater.  Looking back towards Hanauma Bay. Koko Crater.  View of the nearby mountains.  We'll be driving around here tomorrow.
Koko Crater.  Looking back towards Hanauma Bay (where we will be after this hike). Koko Crater.  At the top.  It was tough, but we made it. Koko Crater.  Looking along the coast. Koko Crater.  Going down.   The trail is an old funicular train path.   L' leading the way back.  She keeps reminding me that this hike was my idea. Hanauma Bay.  Prime snorkeling area. Hanauma Bay.
Hanauma Bay.