Iolani Palace

Washington Place.  Most famous because Queen Lili'uokalani lived here (she was the last Hawaiian monarch).  It was built in 1847. The Hawaii Capitol.  An odd building which we were unable to tour because it was Saturday. Korean and Vietnam Memorial. View of the capitol. 'Iolani Palace. 'Iolani Palace.
'Iolani Palace.  The ceiling over the outdoor waiting area for our tour group. 'Iolani Palace.  Front doors made of crystal. 'Iolani Palace.  Dining room. 'Iolani Palace.  Regardless of where or when, it's good to be the King. 'Iolani Palace.  King's bedroom. 'Iolani Palace.
'Iolani Palace.  Queen's bedroom. 'Iolani Palace. 'Iolani Palace.  Throne room. 'Iolani Palace.  The grounds of the palace. 'Iolani Palace. 'Iolani Palace.  Outside the palace.
'Iolani Palace. 'Iolani Palace. Across the street from the palace is the Hawaiian Supreme Court and the King Kamehameha V statue. Can one really be both a Bishop and a Queen? Back in Waikiki, we checked out the nearby Korean Festival.  L' seeing her favorite Korean singer.  I'm sure you already know his name.